Dolphin swimmers at the London Aquatic Centre

Why swim?

The benefits of swimming are well known and ‘being part of something’ enhances everyone’s wellbeing, while maintaining a safe and friendly environment, we look to provide a welcoming and supportive structure and organization, that actively helps in developing a focused mindset and resilience that swimmers often carry over into their future lives.

The Covid-19 epidemic has been hard for everyone, both mentally and physically, with several lockdowns, meaning we were not been able to meet up with our friends and take part together in physical activity, our swimmers have returned with a get up and go attitude, a sense of team spirt that will carry us forwards into the future.

Building that future

Competitive swimming is a key part the club and we encourage our swimmers to be the best they can be. Opportunities are available for swimmers at all  levels, as well as provision for former swimmers and less competitive members who can still benefit from being part of the club.

As well as swimming, we are building the social side of the club with activities that raise it’s profile, allowing other  family members and friends to get involved.                                                        

Events such as our London Calling fundraiser, our trip to the London Aquatic Centre and the Colour War and BBQ are examples of the club coming together to have fun in and out of the pool. Look out for more activities in 2022.

We have two ‘Club’ groups for swimmers who may not want the commitment of regular training but want to stay involved, or make a low key return to swimming. Club (Youth)is for swimmers up to 18yrs and Club (Masters) is for over 18’s. We are always happy to  welcome new and former club members to these groups.

Email: membership@droitwichdolphins.co.uk